5 tips for a healthy back to routine


The holidays are finished! Here we are rested, full of energy thanks to the sun, the sea, the time spent outdoors and the pleasant evenings under stars. To keep the effects of this well-deserved rest, we suggest some useful and pleasant tips.

1. The yummy attitude

Summer is a good time to stock up on vitamins, but it is also a period where you abuse a little of the barbecues. Therefore, we want to advise you what type of food will do well to your body and your head (stress of routine back required). It is the season of berries and especially blackberries, so we throw ourselves on these red fruits rich in antioxidants. To take care of the intestinal flora we recommend consuming fermented foods. Also, to reduce the level of anxiety, replace the coffee for 1 or 2 cups of green tea per day.

2. A restful sleep

During the holidays the rhythm of sleep has been disrupted. We go to bed very late, we forget the alarm clock, we enjoy of either the sunrise or a good sleep. Now we have to resume the regular rhythm, which leads to fatigue. Therefore, to avoid being out of service in October, we should go to bed as soon as we yawn or when our eyes start to close. We will avoid the excitants in the evenings and the intense physical activity at the end of the day.

3. A little organization

It is good to take a few minutes in the evening to plan and organize the next day. This will prevent us from being caught by the train of cognition and being stressed. We make appointments and things to do without overburdening and giving priorities. And above all, find room on the agenda for yourself, it is the one that we tend to forget or leave last while it is important for a balanced rhythm of life (you can practice meditation, yoga, writing, walking, reading or spend some time with a friend).

4. Positive attitude and breathing

It is important to practice conscious breathing. Begin by breathing through your nose and feel your belly swell with inspiration and retract upon expiration. This type of exercise is ideal before bedtime.
We can take this opportunity to practice positive thinking. In the morning when you wake up and in the evening before going to bed you pronounce aloud a positive phrase, something achievable and with an action verb. And smile!

5. Cure of grapes

For a top health it is time to make a cure of grapes. It will bring you both the vitality you need at this time and will help you eliminate the excesses of summer. The grapes are rich in vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. To approach this cure, we advise you to be accompanied by a professional health practitioner.

Gwénaëlle Fradj

Naturopath of The Green Shelters’ experts team