5 ways to detoxify your body daily


5 ways to detoxify your body daily


1. The good morning habit : hot lemon

As soon as you wake up, instead of running towards the coffee machine, why not having hot lemon ? Having a cup of warm water with some drops of lemon juice freshly made will allow your disgestive system to wake up, your kidney to better eliminate, and will also boost you at the same time !

The golden rule : wait for 15 minutes before eating anything else, just the time to have a shower, for exemple.

A tip : you may add a little bit of ginger thinly sliced for a bigger kick.

2. Easy detox : the green juice

You hear about it everywhere, it is trendy, but you have never tried yet ? It’s time to forget about your prejudices and give it a try : having a green juice a day is a very efficient way to eliminate the toxines slowly, and on top of that, it is very tasty !

A few options :

  • Homemade : if you have a bit of spare time and a juicer, a fresh juice is no doubt the best option ! Start slowly by 2/3 of veggies and 1/3 of fruits.
  • The juice bar : they bloom all around Paris and in other big cities… Just give it a try !
  • The easiest option : you will find good herbal juices in the dehydrated version in most of organic shops. A little bit of water or apple juice + a tea spoon of chlorophyl powder, and that’s it.

3. Birch sap

Spring is synonymous with birch sap. Harvested beginning of March and during 3 or 4 weeks, this is a cure traditionnally used for its benefits : draining, detoxifying and remineralizing. This cure will make your skin and hair glow, will help you fight against cellulite and will give you a lot of energy.

4. A one-type-of-food diet is a must

It is wise to do a one-type-of-food diet on a regular basis, either just for diner or during a whole day once a week, in order to give a rest to your digestive system and to cleanse your body slowly, without making a big effort. Do you like the idea ?

This is very easy, very few rules to follow, a part from eating any food in its simplest form :

  • No fat, even good fat, because it lengthens the digestion process.
  • No salt, no pepper, no spice… a part from the mild spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and curcuma which are permitted, as well as aromatic herbs.

And, of course, it is important to choose food with nutritional benefits. Needless to say that the snack is not an option ! The only fruit diet is not recommended (apart from banana) nor raw vegetables if you are not used to it or you have sensitive stomach. An excess of fiber might alter your digestion.

Here is a list that might be useful :

  • Stewed apples with no added sugar.
  • Vegetables juice.
  • Steamed green vegetables.
  • Organic potatoes boiled with the skin.
  • Banana

5.- A good night sleep

Sleeping well is key to regenerate and detoxify your body. A good habit to get into : a light diner and go to sleep, long time before midnight, at least once a week. Not very glamourous you might think ? You will be surprised to see your glowing complexion the next day…