A detox to reinforce your body


A detox to reinforce your body


In order to stay healthy, it is essential to allow your body to get rid of any excess of toxins.

On a daily basis, your body has the capacity to evacuate a certain amount of toxins through the urine, the stool, the oxygenation and the sweat. But when these toxins are in excesss, they provoque a real obstruction of the body and certain number of troubles such as chronical fatigue, over-weight, headache, dull complexion… may be the result.

Pollution, certain lifestyles (sedentariness, chronical stress) and an unbalanced nutrition are the main reasons of this excess of toxins.

Purifying your body on a regular basis is essential to reinforce your health and boost your energie.

Following a detox means offering yourself a break, relax, disconnect from routine and allow your body to clean up from inside.

You may either choose a juicing detox or a detox based on proper meals, but in any case there is a detox for anyone.  According to seasons, age and the vitality of each person at a given moment, it is recommended to choose the most suitable detox with the assistance of a specialist.

Louise de Sayve