Abdominal massage


The beginning of the year is synonymous with a blocage of our body due to the excess during the holidays and celebrations season. In order to find balance, it is important to give it a rest, specially during the winter season which makes us more fragile. A balanced and toxin-free body will make you stronger against disease. For a maximum of energy and vitality, here is a detox massage with detoxifying effects for your whole body that will be your best ally to reinforce your immune system, fight against illness and loose weight.

Today, we know the important role that the abdominal zone plays. It is a sensitive zone, either on the physical and emotional side, an intimate zone and thus “a little bit taboo” to the point that some imagine that this part of the body should not be touched or massaged… Quite the opposite!

The abdomen contains all the digestive organs, the liver, the stomach, the kidneys, the intestines… which are strongly demanded by our body and have a tendency to work at a slow pace and have some difficulties to fulfill their main functions of elimination of toxins and waste, what can generate problems of digestion, transit, back pain, headaches and other painful sensations.

The abdominal massage relieves the digestive system, to give it more space and to favor a better intestinal circulation. A true global détox treatment, to clear out your body of all excess that parasitize it from inside.


It is not a question of massaging only the abdomen, the whole body is massaged to create a global relaxation and facilitate the relief of all the organs within the abdominal zone.

At first the previous face of the body with fluid and enveloping mouvements that allow to drain the body as a whole. Then the stomach with a massage that becomes gradually deeper with circular movements, pressures on precise zones, vibrations, frictions, in brief a whole pallet of techniques using fingers, hands and arms to smoothen this essential zone, facilitarte the energy circulation, to leave some space to breath, make circulate toxins that stagnate, and ease the transit and the digestive system!

Then the rear of the body with a work centered on the back. Because we are not made in 2D and your abdomen and all that it contains are directly connected to your back, specially your kidneys… the back pains often due to digestion issues or to a weakness of the renal system.

The benefits

The effects of this massage are multiple, they can be immediate (do not be surprised if you hear your stomach singing) in particular in case of constipation for example. For long term results, it is advised to receive this massage several times, especially if you never had it before for better results.

It may be slightly painful on certain zones, which is the sign of a rather recent and severe blockage, and it is advised to receive this massage several times for a complete detox.

This massage may cause a profound relaxation once the tissues and organs are released and relaxed… a physical relief due to the sensation of heat, lightness, a more fluid intestinal circulation, but also a psychological relief as a consequence of the relaxation of this key zone of the body constantly in tension and on request, which suddenly is relaxed.

The deep relaxation generated by this massage can sometimes make you sleep. It is possible that emotions emerge during or after the massage. Also, a better, deeper, more abdominal and more natural breath on a daily basis in a lighter and “toxin-free” body…

This massage is suitable for everyone and will suit perfectly those aiming to do a mild detox. It would be appropriate to have the advice of a naturopath in addition to the abdominal massage, if you wish to fully rebalance your body from inside and boost your vitality, or if you are simply in search of a healthier and more body conscious lifestyle.

Marion Maunoury

Abdominal and wellbeing massage therapist

The Green Shleters’ team of experts