Floral waters


Floral waters


Floral waters, the other aromatherapy

Floral Waters, called also hydrolats, exist for centuries. When we speak about aromatherapy, we usually think of essential oil . Floral waters play nevertheless an important role in a healthy lifestyle.

What is the process to obtain them ?

During the distillation of plants, the latter release aromatic molecules which are collected in two products: in the top of the distiller we obtain a product very concentrated in molecules, the essential oil and in the bottom, the steam created during the process of distillation becomes again liquid and finds itself in charge of some aromatic molecules, it is the floral water.

What is the difference between floral water and hydrolat ?

We speak about floral water when the obtained liquid comes from the distillation of flowers. While hydrolat is the term used when plants and leaves are distilled.

Worth knowing :

Always buy pure and natural floral waters (organic shops, herbalist’s shops, specialized sites or directly at the producer).

Contrary to essential oil, floral waters are hydrosoluble and have very few contraindications, what is a great advantage.

What may we do with floral waters?

  • For a “slow beauty attitude”. Think of replacing your cleaning lotion by a floral water adapted to your skin. Here are some examples: for oily skin, think of the Juniper or the Officinal Lavender; for combination skin you should rather use the Geranium or Rose; for the dry skins it will be the Lime tree or the lemony Verbena tea; for the mature skins the Carrot or the Witch hazel would be the most appropriate.
  • For all-natural healing. In compress or in lotion to be vaporized on a part of your body (Camomile Roman for the conjunctivitis), in baths (orange-flower water to calm babies and children), in gargle (Thyme to Thymol for the irritated gorges(breasts)), in inhalation (Eucalyptus Globulus to release respiratory tracts), taken by mouth to heal digestive problems, sleeping disorders, stress, fatigue, rheumatisms, premenstrual syndrome.
  • For housekeeping, it is healthier that any other product! You may vaporize your car, your office, your bedroom; add Fir-tree in the water for cleaning the floor; Lavender in the the washing machine or in the iron.
  • For extra flavor ! Basil, Rosemary, Savory to flavor your dishes and dressings, in your juice and smoothies (Yummy the Blackcurrant), Mint or Orange blossom in your desserts … The best, replace syrups and other additives, by one or several floral waters in the water that you drink.

Gwenaëlle Fradj