Ahstanga Vinyasa Yoga


Ahstanga Vinyasa Yoga


After more than 10 years as artistic director in the communication and the internet industry, Vanessa McCarthy discovers the yoga in NYC in January 2000. Back in Paris and after having a baby, she felt the need of a professional change more in adequacy with her new rhythm and became a yoga teacher in 2007 (trained over 3 years by l’EFAY / 650RYS in Paris).

Which are the particularities of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and who is it suitable for ?

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a system of traditional yoga based on the teaching of S.K. Pattabhi Jois. An array of series of dynamic sequences of postures and particular techniques of breathing, improve endurance, concentration, flexibility and strength for a stronger body and mind.

It is a very complete yoga and suitable for everyone, with the only condition that you must enjoy the movement and a certain physical effort.

Main benefits :

Yoga is an excellent tool for self-knowledge, self-consciousness, a clear mind and health. It allows us to recreate the link between mind and body. I regard it as a philosophy of life and a way to stay healthy.

  • From a physical point of view :

– We work on the deep muscles that support our spine and our joints fighting effectively against aging and the aftereffects.

– Constantly in movement with the breath, we improve the elasticity of tendons, ligaments and joints in general as well as the blood circulation. The heart is strengthened and its rhythm is improved.

– The diverse twists allow to regenerate the digestive organs, improving their efficiency and general health. The endocrine system is also stimulated by every posture leading to a better sleep, health and pleasure.

– The particular breath of Ashtanga – Ujjayi – allows to bring oxygen to muscles in action and vital organs, to get rid of toxins by increasing the internal body temperature and to clean the pulmonary alveoli of the residual air and the entire the respiratory system.

  • From a psychic point of view :

– The postural practice consists of concentrating on many things (position, breath, muscular commitment, alignment of bones, intention of the look) and little by little we become more concentrated. The more we are concentrated, the more we are an observer and so more conscious of the present moment either when practicing yoga and in the rest of your life.

– Our breath being connected to our feelings, by controlling our breath during the practice, we learn to control our feelings. A calm breath means a quiet mind.

– By improving flexibility and strength, our body becomes again an ally, we feel more energetic, more solid and more grounded.

– By mastering certain postures that we did not believe we would be able to realize, we gain self-confidence, we learn to love oneself and to control fear either when practicing yoga and in general.

How Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga may help us find balance after the usual excess of holidays and celebrations season and stay healthy during the wintry period ?

A regular practice will allow to recover from Christmas and New Year holidays excess. It will help us to generate and to keep more energy in order to face the typical drop of energy and virus of the wintry period. This yoga has an array of benefits which help burn and keep away from us disease.

What frequency do you recommend?

We often begin with 1 time a week frequency, the envy to practice more often comes fast. We usually say; twice a week for the maintenance, 3 times a week to improve quickly.

Vanessa McCarthy

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga professeur

Vanessa teaches at Tigre Yoga Chaillot, Beyoga and Samasthiti in Paris.