French, living in Tokyo for the last 3 years, Asia Marketing Director for Lancôme.

Fashion-junky, make-up addict and passionate about Art (Contemporary Architecture, Photography…), after Paris, Japan become the obvious next experience.

Workaholic and big cities fan, Aline has always cared about healthy habits, looking for balance between detox and pleasure.

1. Your healthy rituals

Almost vegetarian, because I do not like meat.

I have always exercised every week. I used to practice squash, sweedish gym, tennis, running. Recently I started Thai box and Pilates.

It is absolutely essential for me to exercise during my business trips in Asie and in Europe : swimming pool and gym at the hotel and jogging outdoor apart form Shanghai !

2. Natural beauty tips

Get as much of good quality sleep as possible; of course at night, but also on the plane…

Super hydrating face and body creams either in the morning and evening.

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

I never cook but I like eating balanced and healhty, I love good quality and simple products : savory cherry tomatoes spread over a slice of grilled bread, with some butter and a little bit of truffle salt.

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

The opening of an exhibition, a glass of Bourgogne, a Ikebana class.

5. A natural remedy

Lemon juice with hot water first thing in the morning.

6. A few tips

HigashiYama, Japanese fusion food restaurant at Meguro Tokyo and Kidoguchi, sublime sushi restaurant at Minami Aoyama Tokyo.

7. Your guilty pleasure

Champaign and homemade fries.

Aline Belda.