5 essential oils for winter


5 essential oils for winter


The days are shortened, we have less natural light, the temperatures drop, the humidity returns … The winter is here and our immune system is a little weakened, because in addition, we are tired.

To face these troubles of winter, we have selected for you 5 essential oils to keep close to you:

1. Ravintsara: it is a broad-spectrum antiviral that you can find in your pharmacy in the same way as the Tea Tree. It works both for bronchial and respiratory affections and for fatigue. It can be used as well in massage, bath, inhalation or even in household cleaning products to disinfect the interior.

2. Niaouli: an essential oil very useful for reboosting both physical and psychic. It protects us both from the ravages of the winter and he slightly invasive people we need to get away from. Put 2 or 3 drops daily on the wrists, and you will be protected.

3. Laurel Noble: a very complete essential oil, both anti-infectious and antiviral. It recharges our defences and helps us fight the microbes of winter. The hydrolate is ideal to give us strength every day with only one teaspoon in hot water in the morning.

4. Black spruce: it is especially good against respiratory diseases when we are congested because of a cough, a sinusitis… but specially, it helps our kidneys and the adrenal glands and gives us insurance and strength. It also increases our vital energy. Massage the adrenal glands with two drops of black spruce essential oil and help you will feel revitalized throughout the day.

5. Scotch Pine: this oxygenating essential oil is perfect for the winter season as it is a good respiratory antiseptic. It contributes to a better expectoration and frees us from overloads associated with ENT disorders in particular. Its use is also recommended in case of fatigue.

Gwénaëlle Fradj

Naturopath of The Green Shelters’ team of experts