Apr. 23, 2016

50 €


The objectif of this workshop is to acquire the basis of what your body needs to start the day by learning about the essential vitamins and nutriments.

In the morning, we are often in a hurry and tend to consume food and drinks which are bad for our health and weight (croissants and similar products, too sweetened drinks, industrial products), which do not bring us vitamins and essential nutriments. Often, the consequence is to nibble afterwards and deficiencies in the long term.

We are going to show you that the preparation of a healthy and balanced breakfast and brunch is easy to make quickly. You only need to have some tips and tricks which will become quickly a reflex to apply every morning.

It is a participative workshop combining exchanges with the chef and the preparation of dishes and drinks by every participant.

Duration : 2,5 hours (Cooking and brunch for tasting of the dishes and discussions).

Contents : a juice and a smoothie, almond milk, energy balls, chia pudding, bowls of cereals, houmous, varied salty toasts, infusions ... We shall also make you discover the wide variety of possible ingredients, the super foods, the supplements... their nutritional contents and different ways to prepare them.

Time : saturday 11am-1.30pm