How to Reduce Daily Stress


How to Reduce Daily Stress


Stress has become our daily companion and we often find ways to more or less cope with it. However, we are not aware of the damage we are generating in our body and how much we are jeopardising its balanced functioning. Every stressful thought or negative emotion not only create inner contraction, closeness and a sense of separation, but it also deeply harms our body’s fragile equilibrium and health.

The source of our stress is not the event but how we perceive it. Any information or life circumstance that occurs is weightless, has no relative importance. It is through the analysis of the mind that it gets its value. Our mind has been downloaded with incomplet, limited and tainted information. Solely basing our understanding of life on this amazing, but somewhat limited tool, creates mis-conceptions and ultimately stress.

In order to change your perspective from limited to a wider one, imagine de-zooming from the scene. As though your body remains in front of the event and your awareness distances itself and goes as high as the top of a mountain and rests there. From up high, you gain clarity to see the situation as it is, with an ampler understanding. You are detached from the event per say. When you create this detachment, stress is reduced or simply eliminated. Stress and anxiety are created by being glued to the event and unable to widen our perspective.

A Zen count relates : imagine you are walking in the street with several heavy paper grocery bags in your arms. A man bumps into you making all your groceries spread on the floor. Blood rushes in your veines and you look up angry, ready to start a fight. That is when you see the man’s white cane. Your anger vanishes and you start enquiring if he is all right. His blindness made you de-zoom from the event and have a bigger clarity and perspective about the situation.

Next time you feel stressed, try visualising yourself de-zooming from your mind and sitting at the top of a mountain. Observe your level of stress. You’ll be surprised.

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Mahasti is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Her work is all about empowering you to transform your life and to discover who you really are. To bring you back to a life of joy, ease, stress and anxiety free, purposeful and full of clarity. Her experiences as an entrepreneur, headhunter, creative talent scout, as well as a MBA from lʼEcole Nationale des Pontes et Chaussées (Paris) enable her to better understand various backgrounds. She works in English, French and Italian.