Aesthetics Treatments

Aesthetics Treatments

Facial massage

Ensures facial skin’s flexibility and firmness. It is a manual and natural lifting that helps relieve tension, relax muscles, reduce dark circles around the eyes and erase small wrinkles.

Facial treatments

Facial treatments relax and revitalize in order to regenerate your skin cells. The steps involved include lifting, moulding, and applying a serum, a mask and a cream. The “bright face” effect is ensured.

1. Facial Detox

Ensures the skin’s relaxation and elasticity. The therapist stimulates the face, the neck and the upper chest. The selected products, along with the moulding, purify the skin and clear it of blemishes.

2. Moisturizing / Nourishing

Deep skin nourishment. The different layers of the epidermis are cleansed, smoothed, brightened and protected from external aggressions. A reinvigorated face for an appearance that is full of life.

3. Anti-wrinkle

Say goodbye to small wrinkles and the other signs of time. This treatment visibly reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin moisturized, younger, toned and radiant.

4. Facial Cleansing

This treatment designed for young skins provides a lasting balance and deeply moisturizes, resulting in healthy, radiant skin.