Stress begins to be part of our daily life. Enjoy a total relaxation retreat with specific anti stress treatments such as relaxing massages or reflexology. Get rid of stress and balance your energy for your well being.

Relaxing Massage

In order to reach the maximum state of relaxation, the relaxing massage wraps your body in an all-enveloping feeling of well-being. The pressure put on the muscles as they are kneaded in wide motions helps you relax.

Sacro-cranial Massage

Sacro-cranial therapy is a discipline that touches the bones of the cranium and extends to the sacrum. This very smooth practice is intended to re-balance the body’s natural rhythm and bring you to a state of perfect harmony.


A central practice in traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology adjusts and re-balances the body’s energies. It consists of sliding the thumb and index finger over the sole and body of the foot, guaranteeing profound relaxation.

«Deep Tissue» Sports Massage

With slow, deep movements, this massage facilitates recovery following exertion. The pressure is stronger than in a classic massage and relieves muscular tension.