Natural Body Detox

Natural Body Detox

Balance your body with natural detox cleanse that reduce liquid retention and relieve stress during your retreat. When you cleanse your body, you'll undo years of toxic lifestyle damage. Give your body a fresh new start.

Lymphatic Drainage

Stimulates lymph circulation. Ample, regular pressure is applied, helping reduce liquid retention and eliminate waste.

Abdominal Massage

Improves digestion and eliminates toxins. This massage is focused on the digestive organs and it efficiently loosens blockage. It also helps relieve stress and pent-up tension.

Slimming Massage

The slimming massage makes use of suction cups, a completely natural technique recognised by Chinese medicine. It stimulates blood circulation and lymph function, allowing your profile to drain and reshape.


Peeling exfoliant, body cleansing’s most important ally, has arrived from the East. An essential beauty treatment, it leaves your skin flawless, bright and perfectly smooth.