5 tips for a healthy winter


The end of winter is often associated with long-lasting fatigue due to a number of reasons : a very fatty diet, a lack of natural light, a fragile inmune system, long-lasting cold and flu is here for many of us. How to face it and how to regain energy and good mood ?

1. What you eat is extremely important :

It will be vitalizing, with the introduction of raw at the beginning of meals, green smoothies, vegetable juices, fresh fruits (it is important not to have them during  meals but as a snack in the morning or in the afternoon), fresh vegetables. How to cook your food ? preferably soft cooking like steaming.

2. How to take nutrition to the next level :

Add sprouts to your diet (the best living food ever) and also seaweed of all kinds, which are rich in mineral and oligo elements.

3. Stay actif

Even if the only thing you want is to hibernate. It is important for the balance of your body to move daily. No need for superhuman efforts, but simply regular activity such as walking, yoga, pilates, tai chi, dancing, swimming. And why not the Krav Maga!

4. Boost your inmune system

Echinacea will help you prevent colds. Mushrooms, such as shitakés, reishis, maitaké will reinfoce your natural defenses.

5.  A very important point : keep your stress at a low level 

and have a quality sleep. Why not doing breathing excercises before bedtime ? This would be extremely benefitial. Give it a try !

Gwénaëlle Fradj

Naturopath of The Green Shelters´ team of experts