The 5 spring feel good


The 5 spring feel good


1. Support your detox with a lymph drainage

To improve the waste elimination, we should complement our treatment with others actions. The lymph system is the body’s primary immune defense and waste eliminator. A lymphatic drainage massage is key to expel toxins, in particular those that affect the swollen legs, fluid retention, cellulite …

2. Do exercise

The practice of different types of exercise benefits the opening of the emunctories (depurative organs) and therefore, the elimination of toxins (walking, stretching, swimming, gym …) A diet or a detox treatment without exercise will not have the expected results.

3. Get renewed with a colon hydrotherapy

It is a mild and non-aggressive method of cleaning the large intestine based on the introduction of water into the colon. The specialist will be in charge of regulating the pressure and temperature. During this process, a series of massages are carried out to favor the relaxation of the large intestine and accompany the peristalsis of the colon during the elimination. This practice, which is especially recommended in case of constipation or even candidiasis, is appropriate for this spring period since it helps the elimination of toxins that stagnate. It is essential to consult a specialist before carrying out this treatment.

4. Think positively, live positively

It is the principle of the law of attraction. Feed your mind with possitive thoughts. Positive affirmations help us to believe in our potential and to define our thoughts by verbalizing them. Neuroscience has shown that our thoughts can change even the structure and functions of our brain. Therefore, the repetitive process is essential, with the aim of sending waves of positive thoughts to our brain. Choose among the many self-motivation phrases that you will find on the internet (especially those of the specialist Louise Hay) and repeat them clearly and loudly, several times a day for several weeks, making sure you believe in it and without forgetting the “I”.

5. Embrace nature

The Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing was born in Japan. In effect, the walks in the forest are really revitalizing. But the “tree hugging” or arbotherapy is the later stage that takes place in the spring, when the sap begins to rise in the trees and fills them with energy that you should take from them. So, walk through nature and go to any tree, hug it, surround it, come closer and enjoy. If you also like meditation, it is the ideal time to practice it outdoors.

Gwénaëlle Fradj

Naturopath of The Green Shelters’ team of experts