Gourmet Menu


Detox Gourmet Diet is based on a vegetarian healthy eating plan composed of varied and savory dishes. It is for all those looking for a light pause to free their body.

Personal pleasure and stimulation of the senses is The green shelters’ primary aim: your stay will be a moment geared towards sampling new recipes, each just as delicious as it is healthy. The healthy detox diet is accompanied by teas that we serve throughout the day.

The treatment does not require any particular preparation. Our team of chefs, naturopaths and nutritionists have designed a complete, low-calorie menu, inspired by local, international, traditional or reinterpreted cuisine, with a strong Mediterranean colouring and some Japanese macrobiotic influence.

We are convinced that a dish’s nutritional and gustatory richness mostly depends on the ingredients used. We use fresh, local, in-season and high-quality products. Our recipes play an essential role in the toxin-elimination process and boost emunctory organ performance.


  • A dedicated naturopath to guide you.
  • The positive effects of our treatment are strengthened thanks to our holistic focus: your physical state influences your mental state.
  • Our different activities set each day’s pace, minimize the feeling that you are making an effort.
  • The basis of our program:
    • 100% vegetarian.
    • Lactose-free.
    • Designed in accordance with the most rigorous health associations’ guidelines to ensure sufficient protein and facilitate digestion.
    • Dressings rich in Omega 3s: rapeseed, walnut and camellia oils.
    • Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables that provide the fiber necessary for a well-functioning digestive system.
    • Herbal teas.