This therapeutic diet is based on juices that we cold-press on sight in order to keep all its vitamins and nutrients. The treatment includes a wide range of diverse juices full of vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables that meet our quality standards: fresh, local and in-season. These are served alongside the herbal teas we offer throughout the day.

Designed and directed by our team of naturopaths and nutritionists, it consists of three phases: preparation, followed by a detox treatment and finally readjustment to your customary diet. The transition periods—which include a meticulously-planned, savoury vegetarian diet—are longer or shorter according to the length of your stay.

Each of our juices and teas plays a concrete role in the detoxification process and boosts emunctory organ performance.

* Upon booking you will receive information on your treatment as well as our advice on how to make the most of your trip and treatment in the days prior to your arrival.


  • A dedicated naturopath throughout your “Juicing Detox” treatment who will guide you after you reach anamnesis.
  • The positive effects of our treatment are strengthened thanks to our holistic focus: your physical state influences your mental state.
  • Our different activities set each day’s pace and minimize the feeling that you are making an effort.
  • The basis of our program :
    • 100% vegetarian.
    • Lactose-free.
    • Designed in accordance with the most rigorous health associations’ guidelines to ensure sufficient protein and facilitate digestion.
    • Dressings rich in Omega 3s: rapeseed, walnut and camellia oils.
    • Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables that provide the fiber necessary for a well-functioning digestive system.
    • Herbal teas.