Sam is a 30 year old French-Venezuelan, living in London and working in parliamentary affairs for major infrastructure projects. She has a pretty demanding job in a hectic city like London which keeps her on a fast speed most of the time. When Sam feels the need of a break she loves to indulge herself through well-being and detox retreats out of the city. It was during one of her escapes that we had the pleasure to share our Oriental retreat in Morocco with her and her fiancé where they both enjoyed our detox body cleanse «Juicing Détox».

1. Your healthy rituals

The main one is juicing. Although I am a strong believer of the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms, I do think we can speed up and assist these. Once a week (normally at the beginning of the week to clear up weekend guilty pleasures and never on the heavy exercise day to avoid imbalances, I kick off the day with a large non dairy green juice with parsley to draw out any toxins.

Followed by loads of liquids – warm water with lemon and mint leaves. 2  soups for lunch and dinner and 2 vitamin-packed juices throughout the afternoon.

A green tea based  drink infused with seaweed pearls of açai, acerola and lychee that just gives me a healthy hydration kick and tastes divine.

I exercise 3 times a week. Boxing followed by hydro spinning, one squash game per week and hot yoga.

I changed jobs a year ago and one of the main benefits was the fact that it allowed me to walk to and from work. No more crowded commuting! It makes up for a good hour of my day where I clear my mind, exercise and discover hidden gems of London.

2. Natural beauty tips

I have inherited many beauty secrets from my mother and grandmother that I follow at different times of the year.

  • Lavender oil drops over my pillow case. It helps me soothe and sleep better. It smells heavenly and keeps any nasal congestion at bay.
  • I recycle all the coffee grinds of my week and mix them up with an equal measure of brown sugar and an equal measure of sea salt. It is a pretty potent scrub that leaves my skin rejuvenated and soft. My shower disagrees though!
  • Apple cider vinegar can be used for well, almost about everything but to me it is specially a fabulous toner in case of imperfections and the best final touch for a healthy and shiny hair.
  • Recently I upgraded my coconut oil from kitchen to bathroom shelf. I started using it as make up remover by chance and have not looked back since!

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

When I’m not cooking for friends, time is of the essence. On a daily basis, I like simple yet healthy recipes.

  • Fish en papillate and asparagus – In a medium oven tray, I just place the fish wrapped in tin foil, olive oil, coarse salt and rosemary, I fold it and place on a side a bunch of green asparagus, a line of olive oil and salt. 15min later I’m enjoying a really healthy and easy dish. I tend to use mostly white fish such as sea bass, but salmon and trout are delicious too!
  • Sesame tuna -I cut the tuna in chunks and bathe them in coconut or olive oil then immediately in a bowl of sesame seeds. I lightly Golden the chunks in a pan for a couple of minutes and it’s ready to serve with an avocado and palm hearts salad.

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

I was terrible at switching off. No discipline whatsoever. So I had to start simple and from scratch. I have now mastered 2 techniques.

  • A hot bath where I switch off all mobile devices that can potentially make me available and connected to the wider world is now a must twice a week. I practice Yoga in the bath (yes, true) and pamper my body and mind through Self massage (scalp and legs) and meditation.
  • Get lost in bookshops for hours is my other get away.

5. A natural remedy

Again, a rather long list, but my infallible are:

  • Cinnamon to ease the menstrual cycle pain – either in a strong dark tea or simply by munching the sticks.
  • Salt water gargles when sore throat – there is no better cure!
  • Aloe, lemon,and ginger honey when coughing.

6. A few tips

Whole Foods, Jools and Dr Organic & Billy.

7. Your guilty pleasure

I have 3 (ouch) : coffee (black with brown sugar. Twice a day minimum), saucisson with nuts and crisps.

Sam Hernandez