Eva Nidecker


Eva (35) grew up in Basel, Switzerland, and moved to Zurich at the age of 20. She works as a presenter on TV and radio and became also a massage-therapist.

After many years in the media-business, she felt the need of a change. As a contrast to the hectic and sometimes superficial media world, she found a new fulfillment in the health-sector, focusing on the massage therapy. It’s the combination of both – communication and bodywork – that makes her very happy today.

Eva loves nature, sport and travelling.

1. Your healthy habits

Having worked in the fast-paced media-business, I have not always lived a healthy life. This lifestyle prevented me from eating healthy food or doing sports. There was just too little spare time.

But then I have reset my priorities and I discovered jogging! It gives me a great satisfaction – not only physically, but also mentally. Running alows me to start or end the day, and to sweat the stress away. I also strengthen my muscles with exercises twice a week.

I have always loved eating. And I will never give up my favorite cheeses and chocolates (well, here’s the swiss girl!;)) but over the years I have learned to eat balanced. I try to eat vegetables and fruits every day, but I have a sweet-tooth and I allow myself to nibble some of my favorite sweets. This works really well for me! As long as I do sports, I can basically eat whatever I want.

2. Natural beauty tips

Keeping low the stress-level, enough sleep and resisting on alcohol : my skin gets a beautiful and even tone, I feel more comfortable in my body and I have much more energy!

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

I love ceviche! Fresh fish, marinated in lemon-acid, with onions and spices – the freshest dish ever! Maybe not the best choice for a date…

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

In winter I take a hot bath, add relaxing oils to the water and put on some music. And in summer I will find myself a nice little spot at the lake-shore of Lake Zurich and enjoy the sunset.

5. A few tips

Last year I joined a retreat in Mexico where I praticed sports, yoga and other well-being activities. There’s no better way of reconnecting with body and soul. That’s why I am a big fan of The Green Shelters (! The best way to travel, escape from a stressful everyday life and just focus on the needs of your body for lasting results.

6. A natural remedy

I swear on ginger! For me it’s the most efficient natural remedy. Particularly in winter, it prevents me from getting sick, it really strengthens my immune-system and on top of it, it tastes great!

7. Your guilty pleasure

I love chocolate! There are days where I can easily eat a whole chocolate bar within half an hour. Honestly, I would never pass on this sweet source of happiness! I give my body what it needs, as long I compensate with enough physical activity and healthy food.

Eva Nidecker