Catherine is an urban and active woman who juggle with her different roles in life, being a mother and being a passionate professional among others, without neglecting her physical and mental balance. She understood long time ago that in order to keep this balance, it was essential to have a frequent physical activity and a balanced diet.

1. Your healthy rituals

After practicing yoga for 10 years, now I practice Pilates for stretching and flexibility and I also do water biking for cardio and tone up my muscles. It is very pleasant to pedal in the water, I do not have the impression of making an effort.

I am very lucky to live in Boulogne, which is very close to Paris and not fat from the woods, where I go often for walking or biking.

2. Natural beauty tips

My best beauty secret… laugh as much as possible, it is good for complexion and state of mind.

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

A zucchini quiche with just a little bit of olive oil, eggs, salt and pepper with some green salad on the side… Easy to cook and delicious !

When I feel like having something sweet, I cook scones or madeleines, this is simply delicious and natural. A little bit of jam, «La Trinquelinette» that I buy at Le Bon Marché in Paris, spread over the scones is perfect !

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

After a stressing day, I try to concentrate on what I am doing in order to avoid thinking of anything else.

5. Your experience and opinion about detox

I have never done a full cleanse but this is something that I am considering. I regularly do a soft detox for a week : I drink a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon when I wake up and do not have anything else for 15 minutes.

6. A natural remedy

My first instinct as I get up is to drink a big glass of water before starting the day.

7. A few tips

The Atlantic Ocean in France South-West is one of my favourite landscapes that I can stare for hours.

My dream, go to Quebec to see the forests in spring.

8. Your guilty pleasure

Good champaign in beautiful appropriate glasses (very important)… that I can drink until thirst is gone and until late at night… this is not very raisonable but it is so good !

Catherine Piqué