Hatha Yoga


Hatha Yoga


The Hatha yoga involves at the same time the body and the spirit, by proposing diverse postures (twistings, balances, flexions) as well as a concentration on the present moment. It is, in a way, a meditation focused on the body, its possibilities but also its limits. No competition: we go where we can. The purpose being to take a moment for yourself, to turn your attention inward and to enter into a relationship with your body otherwise than in a “functional” way.

The Hatha yoga has the advantage to be relatively accessible to everyone. The preservation of the postures as well as their adaptation make it a discipline suitable for everyone, whatever the age and the physical condition. I often hear people to saying  “I am not flexible, I cannot practice yoga”, I answer “that is exactly the reason why you have to start practicing.”!!

We can distinguish the Hatha yoga, relatively soft, from Vinyasa or from Ashtanga yoga for example, which are much more tonic and require a good condition from the beginning. If you have never practiced yoga before, choose Hatha yoga in order to have the guarantee not to be breathless nor discouraged!

Its main benefits are related to each other and give a global sensation of well-being.

Physically speaking, the yoga allows simply to stay in good shape. A regular practice allows to release the tensions of the back, to become more flexible, to strengthen the deep muscles to improve your posture. It also allows to maintain a good degree of balance: there’s nothing like putting yourself on a foot and feel at the same time lighter and more rooted!

At the respiratory level, the yoga allows to take time to breathe! This is something we never do in everyday life and which is nevertheless so beneficial… The practice helps to soften the diaphragm (main muscle of the breath, which is often very tense because of the chronic stress), to develop the lungs capacity by lengthen your breath and, as a result, bring peace to your entire nervous system.

Finally, through the relaxation (at every end of session) we become aware of our body, what allows us to listen to it. So, even when you are not on your yoga mat, you learn to calm down when you are tired or stressed out, before being totally submerged by your feelings. In that respect, it is an amazing technique to deal with stress!

So, the Hatha yoga, through the body, helps us to take care of us both physically and emotionally.

In brief, yoga has plenty of benefits ! When do you start practicing ?

Taïa Véry

Yoga teacher (www.taia-yoga.com)