Having a bad day ?


It happens to all of us to have an off day. Everything seems to go in the wrong direction and our emotions become simply out of control. When I was younger I used to imagine Cathy, the cartoon character, in “wake me up when I am size 5”. I just wanted to disappear under the sheets and let the day move along without me.

Today, however, I realise that every moment is precious. Even the accumulation of many non pleasant ones making any patient person wanting to give up. The cadence of each breath and every heart beat is a gentle reminder that we are not the event but the being who transcends the latter. It is a choice and a training if we get hooked in the events or observe them as part of a bigger whole.

So every time a bad day knocks at your door, pause and concentrate on your breath. Visualise you are taking a step back or flying to the top of a mountain. Observe the event as a tiny part of millions of now moments in your life and smile. The event will start bearing a lighter weight. It is an immediate effect. Of course your mind will not forget to constantly remind you of the day and create adequate colorful emotions. Each time repeat the same exercise and your mind will eventually relax.

So next time enjoy your bad day…

With my heart


Mahasti is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Her work is all about empowering you to transform your life and to discover who you really are. To bring you back to a life of joy, ease, stress and anxiety free, purposeful and full of clarity.

Her experiences as an entrepreneur, headhunter, creative talent scout, as well as a MBA from lʼEcole Nationale des Pontes et Chaussées (Paris) enable her to better understand various backgrounds. She works in English, French and Italian.