Green day & Team building


We are happy to have had the opportunity to organize a Green Day for a renowned French company in the high-end fashion industry. For this “team building” day for 30 people, we concocted a programme including several activities about healthy nutrition and cooking in collaboration with our usual collaborator, the talented chef of the blog The Pineapple Chef who was in charge of the activities around cooking.

So, our naturopath accompanied the group throughout this Green Day. She made a presentation of the bases of a healthy diet, she did a Juices and Smoothies workshop and accompanied and counseled the participants throughout the cooking workshop.

The Green Day ended up with a dinner which menu was composed of the different dishes that every group cooked. The highlights of this Green Day where sharing, cooking, enjoying, learning and getting to know your colleagues in a different atmosphere and from a different perspective.

We have the conviction that every company is unique. Its peculiarities, its business sector, its values and the diversity of the individuals who integrate it make an organization with specific needs. It is with this conviction that we conceived this custom-made Green Day and we are very satisfied with the result.

It was a big satisfaction for us to see the motivation and the involvement of the participants, the friendly and playful atmosphere and the team spirit development. It was doubtless a very good day for the participants but it was also for us!

Juan Arance

The Green Shelters