Juices & Smoothies


The changes of season are the ideal periods to make a body cleanse with juices and smoothies. It is also extremely beneficial for your health to integrate into your daily diet juices and smoothies made with fruits and vegetables. They will allow you to fill up with vitamins and nutriments and to take advantage of the benefits of having raw fruits and vegetables.

Juices and smoothies are essential to detoxify and boost your body and are also key for a well-balanced lifestyle.

In order to fully enjoy the pleasant experience of drinking juices and smoothies, I suggest to begin with soft vegetables such as the roman salad, the cucumber. Later, you may try stronger vegetables, such as kale, spinach, celery, parsley and dandelion.

What is the difference between the juice and the smoothie?

Every method has its own advantages and both are an excellent way to bring to your body a sufficient amount of vegetables and nutriments.

The difference is simple:

To obtain a juice, we extract the liquid of vegetables and fruits by separating them from the fiber. A glass of juice contains a big quantity of vegetables. Juices are easier to digest and to assimilate than smoothies as considering that the juice extractor discard all the fibers, the juice avoids your body the task of digestion (the consumption of juice needs only little digestion). Consequently, your body may concentrate on other efforts, such as détoxifying, concentration, recovery. Moreover, juices are the best way of obtaining micro nutriments in the easiest way to be absorbed by your body because nutriments go directly to the blood.

However, the smoothie is the best way to incorporate vegetables into your diet (in particular veggies with leaves). They are also an excellent and funny means to integrate veggies into children’s meals. The green smoothies are more filling that juices as they contain fibers, which are essential to your body.

When ?

The morning is the best moment to have a juice or a smoothie, because we start the day with an alkaline and energetic boost. By drinking some vegetables juice or smoothie early in the morning, we allow the body to continue the in-depth cleanse that the body makes at night. Moreover, because of the cleansing of metabolic waste and repair, our body is more acid in the morning, so rather than having an orange juice which is extremely acid, you should have a vegetable juice that will restore the acido-basic balance of your body. The afternoon is also a perfect moment to have a juice! Especially about 5 pm when we feel that our energy is decreasing, the juice will bring an immediate renewed energy and will allow you to recover until dinner.

The basic formula

The basis of juices is going to produce a larger quantity liquid/juice: the super-alkaline cucumber and the celery are the ideal. Then, we use green vegetables with leaves such as cabbage, romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, dandelion. It is possible to add fruits containing a low glycemic index such as the apple.

Gwénaëlle Guy-Fradj

Naturopath from The Green Shelters’ team of experts