Aisling, a French-Irish 40-something (a teeny tiny something though). In full-blown professional makeover: from Paris to NY, from fashion to perfume, from luxury… to luxury!

I grew up on a diet of spuds, spuds and spuds churned out by my Irish mum. I quickly understood that, in order to appreciate the gourmet things in life, I needed to develop an interest in cooking.

1. Your healthy habits

Mostly vegetarian (I’ve never enjoyed meat), mostly organic.Every week, I practice a medley of fitness, core training and yoga. And I run once a year for charity (albeit quite successfully!).

2. Natural beauty tips

Monthly facial at Biologique Recherche (or when my skin reminds me that a month has gone by!).Zero fags, zero sun, 8hrs sleep per night. And naps galore!

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

I love cooking those rich English cakes with spices, nuts and demerara sugar.

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

After a hectic day, I like to unwind by kicking down my skyscraper heels to sit down… and sew!

5. A few tips

Wholefoods rules!

6. A natural remedy

Daily cold showers – rain or shine (a habit gained after a bootcamp-style preparation undertaken several years ago prior to settling in India for a few months)

7. Your guilty pleasure

Bubbles + bitter with whole hazelnuts.