Michelle lives in her native city of New York, after growing up in Hong Kong and spending a decade in Paris. She works in fashion retail as Accessories Buyer for Burberry. Having always lived in big cities with demanding roles, Michelle understands the importance of leading a balanced lifestyle.

1. Your healthy habits


Don’t skip breakfast, eat whole foods (organic, unprocessed, preferably raw), limit meat (once or twice a week, small portions), fill my plate with ¾ vegetables and ¼ lean protein (prioritize fish for Omega 3) and take supplements: wheat grass pills, Amazing Grass Raw Reserve.

Exercise :

I exercise daily (running/strength training…) but also try to incorporate HIIT and Yoga (Kundalini) into my schedule at least 3 times a week, try to get enough sleep (6-8h), make time for meditation when possible, and remind myself to take deep breaths to relax.

2. Natural beauty tips

Weekly acupressure massage and crème de La Mer as under eye cream.

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

Spicy Avocado and Salmon Salad: baby kale, grape tomatoes, chili flakes, cayenne pepper, avocado, smoked salmon, boiled egg (Pepper helps speed up metabolism).

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

I take 5 deep breaths and get a glass of Bordeaux! For a proper reset, I go to a Kundalini yoga class at Golden Bridge in Soho. At least once a week: I list out 5 things I am grateful for.

5. A few tips

“Juice Press” and “Bohemian”: French/Japanese restaurant in Noho.

6. A natural remedy

No remedies, but Chinese tip: avoid cold / ice water as it is damaging for ovaries!

7. Your guilty pleasure

Dark Chocolate (the 100% kind that is too bitter for most) and whisky (smoky Lagavulin)!

Michelle NG