The morning ritual in 5 steps


The way you decide to begin your day can have a major impact on the way the rest of your day is going to be. You can begin your day randomly every morning, but having a morning routine will be the best way to start the day especially if you wish to have a productive and without stress day.

Here are some tips that will help you kick off your day positively and serenely.

  1. When you wake up, do not jump of the bed. Take your time, stretch to offer to your body a small spontaneous stretch so beneficial for muscles and joints.
  2. Sit down and breathe profoundly 3 times through the nose and mindfully to make the transition between the lying position and standing up position.
  3. Get up and go straight ahead in the bathroom to clean your face, eyes, nose and the mouth with warm water (this little ritual is very present in the principles of traditional medicines such as Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic and Naturopathy).
  4. Then take a moment for meditation before the storm of the day, some yoga as sun salutations, or still some movements of Taï Chi or Qi Qong. You will choose which one suits you best. 
  5. Hydrate ! Drink a big glass of water on an empty stomach to help evacuate toxins accumulated during the night.

If you begin your day with these 5 steps you will very soon notice a certain serenity settling down in you.

Gwénaëlle Fradj

Naturopath of The Green Shelters’ experts team