Healthy Retreat


The green shelters is the conviction that a healthy and fulfilling life leads to balance between body and spirit.

Healthy Retreats are based on programs designed to help you cultivate a long term healthy lifestyle, with a focus on overall health and wellness. The idea is to move the experience to daily life, teaching you tools you can use when back at home.

A healthy retreat should keep in balance relaxation, wellness activities and nutriotional workshops. Only a complete approach can enhance your physical and spiritual well being. Healthy and nutritional advices inspire our guests to incorporate positive changes in their lives.

Rounding out the healthy program are fitness & leisure activities develop in lush and peaceful surroundings. During the healthy retreat, specialized professionals provide the right amount of support to help individuals achieve their goals. This retreat is perfect for those who desire a practical approach to incorporating health and wholeness in daily life.

Thanks to the talent of our therapists, we offer a personalized service that helps you regain this balance. More than a set of rules you have to follow over a short period of time, our holistic approach gives your habits a whole new point of departure.