Quality of life by slowing down


Quality of life by slowing down


What do we do today in 24 hours? We are in the era of the immediate, of ” everything, at once “. Invention, research, marketing, economic and social model, everything was made to facilitate our life and save time! What a paradox ! Because time is exactly what is missing nowadays.

We live at the pace of the 4G, we are the victims of the syndrome FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) hung on our smartphones… Do we have to live inevitably at top speed, without taking time to appreciate things? It is not the conception that the founders of “Città Slow” literally ” slow Cities “, an Italian philosophy have which advocates the slowness as synonymous with quality of life and time awareness.

Slow was born in 1987 in Italy with “Slow Food” in reaction to Fast food. It was born to respect certain values such as consuming  local and sustainable by refusing the exploitation through low cost labour. This movement expanded since and is present nowadays in about twenty countries! But how can you find your own rhythm and take advantage of time and of every moment without feeling completely outside the society?

In reality, what we all wish, it is to slow down to save time!

Listen to your internal clock, put your watch aside, learn what your own rhythm is… Such are the principles and the ideals of this trend of the Slow Life, a smooth lifestyle, to escape a hectic pace of life where the spare time is unfortunately very framed!

Slow Life has a single purpose: stand back, the time to live by slowing down. Slow Life, it is not only to slow down and to live at the pace of the snail. I think that it is also necessary to live with his time and to accept the progress, to take advantage of it. Slow Life is especially to favor the quality versus the quantity, it is to adopt an eco attitude, it is to become aware of “too full” and of the overconsumption of our time. It is simply a question of living in good conscience.

How to slow down concretely? By allying Slow Life and the techniques of the Naturopathy, we can begin to adopt the rhythm of life which suits each one of us. Find your own pace through awareness, refusal (know how to say “no”), finding out what is essential and what is really useful, putting yourself in a digital detox, reconnecting with the nature and the seasons and listening to its biorhythms, enjoying food by tasting savory good and fresh products stemming from short circuits of distribution, reconnecting with your five senses…

I invite you to enter the era of Slow Life smoothly and at your our pace.

Gwénaëlle Guy-Fradj