How to bring Hygge to spring


How to bring Hygge to spring


Most people associate the hygge with cozy winter nights, curled up under a blanket, but you can embrace a life of “hyggelig” (as they say) throughout the year. I spent a few days in Copenhagen in October and I read “Hygge, happiness in the little things” of Meik Wiking (president of the Copenhagen Institute for the Research of Happiness) and I took many notes, which I’m sharing with you now.

The most important thing to understand about Hygge is that it describes the feeling, the experience or the atmosphere caused, not the things or acts as such. So yes, a warm blanket is very “higgelig”, but it is the feeling that it gives you that is important.

How to get the Hygge effect in spring

Here, 5 tips to continue the feeling that “hygger” gives you in the spring, bringing you joy and satisfaction after saying bye to the coldest months.

1. The light

Open the curtains, the windows, the doors and let in the light! Enjoy that feeling you feel when you notice spring … Yes, that’s all you want! Use the arrival of spring to light your home with fabrics and lighter colours: choose lighter materials and give yourself the whim of some new spring cushions, for example.

2. Get rid of the unnecessary

The Danes have adopted an authentic lifestyle away from disorder and it is something we can learn. Like the philosophy presented by Marie Kondo, the Danes think that in order to live a truly hyggelig way of life we must get rid of the things that do not give us JOY. So put your clothes in order and do a thorough spring cleaning: you’ll feel much better!

3. Take nature to your home

Spring is the renewal of trees, plants and flowers, and it is time for filling your home with. A few flowers will improve your mood and you will feel calmer and in connection with nature. Indoor plants also help purify the air. Get some succulent plants or pots easy to care for.

4. Keep the candles still on

Although you think candles are more appropriate for winter as it gets dark earlier, keeping a candle lit with a fresh, natural scent will bring a feeling of Hygge to your spring days. Not because spring arrives you have to give up your scented (and natural, of course) candles. Instead of the scents of cinnamon and winter cloves, go for fresh flowers or fruity scents. Keep the windows open to allow fresh air into your home. And, of course, now that the temperatures are warmer, take advantage to hang up outside, if you can. There is nothing better than getting into bed with sheets dried outdoors. Fresh flowers or fruits smells are really perfect for this time of year.

5. Go outside

Make the most of the sun and the smoothness of spring by spending more time outdoors. It may not be hot enough to light the barbecue (although many have already started, I’m sure!) and to spend the afternoon in the garden. Take a walk through the countryside or the forest and watch nature awaken. If you have a garden or a vegetable patch, it’s time to start preparing it for the summer.

5 easy ways to get the “hygge” effect in spring to bring the Danish way of happiness to your life. The Danes are considered the happiest nation in Europe and since I got to know the concept of Slow Life and some of its lifestyles, I can fully understand why!

Gwénaëlle Fradj

Naturopath of The Green Shelters’ team of experts