Green juices and smoothies for winter


At The Green Shelters we believe in the power of juices and smoothies to stay healthy all year long. That is why we organized a workshop in Paris in which our naturopath talked about all the benefits they bring and showed us how to prepare them.

Juices and smoothies are a good ally to strengthen the immune system and keep you in shape during this cold season. In winter, by low temperatures and humidity, we take more soups and Chai tea to pamper ourselves and get warm. On the other hand, if we use seasonal produce, a glass of vegetable juice or a smoothie a day can be as comforting and revitalizing, since, in addition, they provide us with vitamins daily.

To prevent the diseases because of winter, it is important to boost our immune system. A glass of juice or a smoothie participates fully in this mission.

It is the fastest way to reduce inflammation (the cause of most chronic diseases) while hydrating our body, nourishing our cells with nutrients and even repairing our DNA. Say hello to unlimited energy, radiant skin, better digestion and exceptional health and happiness. Say goodbye to toxins, excess weight, sugar cravings, addictions, premature aging and lack of shine.

Think of your juices and smoothies as your personal and natural booster holding in a simple glass.

Nature heals and repairs the body. We just need to get out of the way and allow natural medicine to do its job.

You have the power to create a healthy change for your body and mind with fresh vegetable and fruits juices. These alkaline “healers” are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes. They contribute to the production of red blood cells to improve brain function, to balance carbohydrates, to provide plant proteins and to eliminate toxins.

All these benefits are not provided by acidic or sugary drinks loaded with chemicals, soft drinks, dairy products, coffee or alcoholic beverages. They even remove nutrients and suppliers of toxins. Unfortunately, many people drink some soda when they are thirsty or a detrimental for health energy drink when they are tired, while they could rehydrate and boost energy with a juice or a smoothie. So, go to the market and go for the healthy vitality!

A reminder: to hydrate, water and nothing else. It is better than any beauty product on the market. Make sure you drink water throughout the day. Even if you drink juices, you will still need it.

Gwénaëlle Fradj