Mallorca retreat, March 2018


Mallorca retreat, March 2018


The tranquillity of the winter months made our retreat in Mallorca the ideal place for taking a break and reconnecting with ourselves. Enchanted with our previous retreats on this island, we decided to return to enjoy the atmosphere and relaxation that inspire its natural landscapes and its blue water beaches.

We enjoyed the hatha yoga and meditation classes, as well as our massages, and we also had the opportunity to do a hiking with amazing views from the cliffs in Cala Deià. It allowed our guests to realize their strength to overcome a new challenge.

Our guests took advantage of tips from our expert’s team to eat healthier and of a cooking class to learn to lead a more balanced lifestyle and to discover an array of new products and a new way of cooking.

Spring approaching and the location of our green shelter in the middle of nature favoured a unique experience, in an idyllic peaceful setting.No doubt, this retreat was a true body and mind reset considering our guests feedbacks during the retreat and the kind message we received from them afterwards. It was a reset for them and one more enriching experience for The Green Shelter’s team.