“Deep Tissue” Massage


“Deep Tissue” Massage


The « Deep Tissue » massage is a powerful method, centered on the relaxation of the deep muscles. It is mainly concentrated on the muscular tensions and allows to relax in depth muscles tissues.

The idea is to catch and to stretch muscles rather than slide on them, as it is often the case in Californian massage and Swedish massage…

The main goal is to give more space to the muscle, allowing them to loosen more easily. The whole massage is made slowly in order to gain precision and go deeper by using different “tools” such as phalanxes, elbows, forearm and fists.

The therapist works with muscles and not on muscles, that is the mouvement adapts itself to the muscles without putting them under a not adapted pressure. It is important to be attuned to the body and to its muscular tensions in order to adapt the massage and the pressure to both. The customer is encouraged to use his breath, indeed the contribution of oxygen will help to release the tensions of the muscle and to follow the massage consciously.

By means of a neutral oil, the massage propagates slowly and profoundly on all the muscular surfaces, allowing long-lasting benefits.

The attention of the therapist is targeted at a particular area of limitation or pain. So Deep tissue is a technique that may be integrated into a relaxing massage when a specific zone requires a more particular work and a deeper relief staying in a frame of relaxation and well-being massage.

The deep tissue massage helps to gain or to get back to more flexibility and amplitude of movement.

This specific massage is not only reserved for sportsmen and athletes but can be appropriate for anyone in need of an in-depth work aiming at his own tensions. So, to be attuned to the customer, while reassuring him is fundamental in order to be able to offer him the technique that suits him the best.

Marion Maunoury

Deep tissue and wellbeing massage therapist and Sophrologist