Beneficial obstacles


A friend stated in regards to a not desirable situation: “Even obstacles, in small doses, are good”. Resistance and rejection are our instinctive reactions towards new events or what we perceive as unpleasant. Thus, we enclose ourselves in a small controlled sphere which excludes us from life and its dynamism. It is like being enclosed in a tiny cabine with only a window: we can see life happening outside, but have no access to its wonders.

Life is a dynamic movement of random sequences of events. They have no significance whatsoever, except for the one we give them through our filters and conditioned self. By living life to its fullest extent we discover our own depth and grandness. We will feel unified with the whole and the restless sensations of loneliness and void will disappear.

Pausing and observing our limiting beliefs will help us to break the spell of the initial instinct of saying “no”. Being courageous and daring to take a step outside the sphere will open our eyes to millions of nuances and marvels hidden up to now. If the first step seems impossible, searching for a guide or assistance will unblock the loop and reveal the path.

Create movement. Exit the sphere.

With my heart



Mahasti is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Her work is all about empowering you to transform your life and to discover who you really are. To bring you back to a life of joy, ease, stress and anxiety free, purposeful and full of clarity.

Her experiences as an entrepreneur, headhunter, creative talent scout, as well as a MBA from lʼEcole Nationale des Pontes et Chaussées (Paris) enable her to better understand various backgrounds. She works in English, French and Italian.