Thank you


Thank you


2 words, immense impact on our inner and outer space. It is interesting to observe how the energy shifts when we say thank you. Not only we focus on the object or the person we are connecting to, we also open up fully to that present moment.

Lets try it right now, focus on an object, an event or a person and observe what happens inside us when we say these two magical words. Lets empower ourselves and start our day by saying 3 times thank you and continue during the day thanking for the smallest of details in our existence…and only then we realize that our life IS each single and small detail lived fully at this very present moment. We realize how abundant our life is, how lucky we are to live the life we have chosen to live, regardless of any endured hardship. We suddenly become aware of the vastness of our life and how our mind tries to keeping us in a tiny corner.

Lets enjoy the opening created by these two simple yet extremely powerful words.

With my heart


Mahasti est une coach certifiée, maître Reiki et praticienne Reconnective Healing®. Son travail consiste à vous encourager à transformer votre vie et à découvrir qui vous êtes vraiment. A vous ramener à une vie remplie de légèreté et de liberté; débarrassée du stress et des angoisses.