After a life abroad, Elise lives in Paris and works in Fashion visual merchandising.

Knowing she’s been intolerant to wheat, egg white and dairy products, Elise changed her cooking habits and jumped into the fascinating world of healthy cuisine. Most of her free-time is now dedicated to cooking and sharing her knowledge with hotel chefs and bloggers, family and friends.

Her main purpose : “eat better and know what’s best for your body, to have more vitality and be healthy. No extremes, just simple and down-to-earth recipes with authentic and in season products”.

She’s the author, chef and photographer of her own blog and she publishes some vegetarian and delicious recipes on The Green Shelters blog.

1. Your healthy habits

‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a beggar’ they say in French ! I always take time for breakfast even on week days; I go for other cereals than wheat and often cook tapioca pearls with fruits or make healthy smoothies and shakes. I love finding new recipes!

When I travel, I take bananas, seeds and wheat free biscuits in my bag in case the hotel does only serve ‘classic’ breakfast.

If I eat meat, I only go for extra quality and if not I’d rather switch to vegetarian meals.

2. Natural beauty tips

A lot of sleep (I’m an early bird), some lemon juice with lukewarm water before breakfast to cleanse the liver, the breath and the complexion, no alcohol except one glass of my fiancé’s red or white wine from time to time, no tobacco,  some mantras, lots of love and good laughs.

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

A sardine ‘rillette’ (loaded with antioxidants and calcium) seasoned with fresh goat cheese, chives and shallots, along with a toasted slice of spelt bread and a dash of lemon… to die for and not expensive !

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

I work on my blog and imagine new recipes which I could do.

I listen and focus on my child’s stories after school… the best to keep things in perspective.

5. A few tips

My local market for organic products, I love to go very early to walk at ease and take the time to choose my products.

Delliherin store for all kinds of amazing professional cooking ustensils.

‘Chez Castaing’, a great delicatessen store in Arcachon (on the South West coast near Bordeaux) for their amazing fresh products.

6. A natural remedy

Saro essential oil to prevent many nasty colds from happening (I have it in my bag, in my bedroom…just in case) and tropical basil essential oil for stomach ache (massage with an almond or jojoba oil for more skin care).

7. Your guilty pleasure

My chocolate and avocado mousse, vegan and not too sweetened, even kids love it!

Elise Dumas.