Delphine used to live in the southern French region of Provence amidst the soft atmosphere of the Mediterranean sea and cicadas. She has been living in Paris for the last 15 years and she often feels the need of pampering herself with an escape to Nature.

«When I discovered the concept of The Green Shelters, I realised that escapes out of the city are not enough to recover all the energie that urban lifestyle takes in.

My retreat in Morocco with The Green Shelters, Oriental retreat was the opportunity for a real awareness of the attention that we should pay to our body and mind balance and how to achieve it. All that was possible thanks to the conferences about nutrition, cooking classes, yoga classes and the different exchanges with the experts (Naturopath, body therapist, chef…). A unique and rare occasion to acquire a valuable knowledge and to do a full reset.»

1. Your healthy rituals

I go to the gym 3 times a week, so that I can get enough results to encourage myself to keep going back. I avoid any sort of mouvement too strong for my body and do mostly cardio in order to drain my body.

Decoctions of plants, based on chinese medicine in order to rebalance my body when I feel that my level of vitality is a bit low.

2. Natural beauty tips

I drink a lot of water. Every morning, I have a glass of warm water with lemon jus for a mild detox.

Some germinated seed sprouts spread out on my dish that I germinate myself.

Essential oils to nourish my skin, for its healing benefits and also in capsule as a supplement.

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

A «ratatouille»… from Marseille.

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

I lay down on my sofa and listen to classical music.

5. Your experience and opinion about detox

I did my first detox at The Green Shelters following a diet based on healthy and vegetarian delicious meals cooked by their chef, along with a long variety of juices.

At the end of the detox retreat, I gained more energy and I had a brighter complexion, specially in the morning. I decided to do 1 day body cleanse regularly, following the recommendations of the naturopath who accompanied and advised me during the detox retreat.

6. A natural remedy

During sleep, I lift my feet of around 10 cm in order to facilitate blood circulation and avoid bags under my eyes in the morning.

7. A few tips

A raw food bar before going to the gym to boost my energy.

Probiotics to reinforce my inmune system.

8. Your guilty pleasure

1 glass of red wine for diner…