5 natural remedies to figth against flu


Here we are in the heart of the winter with temperatures below zero and surrounded by the viruses (flu, cold…). If your immune system is a little weakened, it is very possible that you do not escape it. But no panic ! You can avoid or relieve the symptoms (if the nose is already blocked and tickles you), with these 5 simple and natural remedies!

1. A nice hot bath 1 -or 2 times a week from the beginning of the symptoms.

2. Drink some herbal tea of thyme infusion throughout the day (and during the bath).

3. Wash your nose with salt water either with the sprays of salt water available in organic shops or with a Lota (small watering can adapted to this well-known practice in Ayurveda). 

4. Make inhalations with essential oil of Eucalyptus Radiata (4 drops in 150ml of very hot water).

5. Make a cure of Echinacée in Dye Mother for example (available in organic shops or pharmacy).

Gwénaëlle Fradj