Recover your inner peace during the retreat with yoga courses and relaxation techniques, designed to learn how to manage daily stress.


The practice of disciplines such as yoga and meditation is fundamental to the The green shelters experience. Both effectively manage stress, contribute to your well-being and help you regain your energy. Our classes guarantee personal development on both a physical and a spiritual level.


Hatha yoga encourages the transcendence of the body and the experience of the present moment. Linked to a smooth but dynamic rhythm, the positions (Asanas) allow you to control your breathing (Pranayama). This is a suitable method for recovering your inner peace and learning to forget your daily worries.


Meditation is an ancestral practice that develops mindfulness of the present moment. Its goal is to reduce any form of inner dialogue. Meditation sharpens the ability to concentrate, reduces fatigue and strengthens memory. Anxiety diminishes and emotions become easier to manage.

* For certain retreats, we will propose other courses (Pilates, personal training, tai chi…).