A day

A day

All of our guests are free to organize their day as they wish. Nevertheless, we suggest a retreat daily program ahead of time so that you can organize your time in the best way possible.

Bearing in mind the wide range of activities, you can organise your day in a variety of ways, according to your preference or what you feel like at any given moment.

Which rhythm? A “relax” day ? A more “dynamic” day ? You decide, because your only goal is to listen to yourself and take care of yourself, with no commitments and no limitations. Whatever you want, there’s always something for you.

Each day begins and ends with a yoga and meditation class.

The hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner are dedicated to athletic activities or to trips. Or you could take advantage of one of our treatments, or simply choose to rest.

The end of the day is the perfect moment for leisure activities and for connecting with the group: cooking classes, discussions… unless you prefer some time on the beach by yourself, watching the sunset.