Every retreat offers relaxation workshops that help you reduce stress and balance your mind for your well being.

express yourself

The goal of these workshops is to develop your imagination and let your spirit enjoy moments of creativity. They give you a chance to interact with the group, be it through artistic or culinary work, or during evenings enlivened with topical discussion.


The gourmets will be very happy: The sampling of succulent, nutritious dishes holds a fundamental position in our concept. We present you with the opportunity to create and learn to prepare healthy, flavourful, original recipes, thanks to the counselling of our chefs.


We believe it is essential to dedicate time to certain reflections. Led by a specialist in the field, the discussions will address topics on how to live a healthier life, raise certain debates and give you the chance to share some of your experiences.


Sculpting the earth, giving a shape life and turning it into an object, moulding the material to translate a feeling… The pottery workshop is a moment to relax, begin to reflect on yourself and express your creativity.