Our face is said to be composed of 43 muscles and 17 nerves. When we smile we communicate to our muscles and nerves a certain information, the which gets transported to the rest of our body. Emotions created and felt when we smile are happiness, lightness, ease, etc… These reactions inform the rest of our body and organs that they can de-contract and just relax.

Coming out of the tension is a huge step towards inner peace. Instead of being closed to the world we open up, accept more, listen differently and gain a wider perspective. Beyond ourselves, smiling to others also reminds them how seldom they smile and how tense their bodies are. A true win/win situation is achieved through an easy and trivial action of smiling.

Approach September in a different way and become more aware of how much you smile and bring this illuminating action to your face. Observe, how it makes you feel and how it opens up people with whom you are interacting.

With my heart



Mahasti is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Her work is all about empowering you to transform your life and to discover who you really are. To bring you back to a life of joy, ease, stress anxiety free, purposeful and full of clarity.