The practice of disciplines leading to a better physical and mental state are fundamental to the Green Shelters experience. To that end, we will offer Sophrologie sessions during our next yoga detox retreat in Ibiza, Healthy Ibiza. Sophrologie has an array of benefits which are the ideal complement to other well-being activities available during our retreats such as yoga, meditation and Pilates. Listening to your own body and your emotions through practicing these disciplines during your stay, will help you in your path to mindfulness and a better understanding of yourself.

Our sophrologist, Marion Maunoury, shares with us the principles of Sophrology and its main benefits :

Half-way between western and oriental philosophy, thanks to tools based on neuroscience, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Sophrologie offers the opportunity to develop your potential to live a more balanced and serene life.

Alfonso Caycedo (born in 1932 in Bogota), the founder of Sophrology used to name this discipline «the science of conciousness ».

Sophrology is adapted to everyone, at any age, at any moment of one’s life and may help anyone aiming to evolve, and to go through difficulties that we may encounter.

Its progressive methodology is anchored in positiveness, oriented to the future. Its foundation consists of finding within oneself the capacities and the tools for a better living through benevolent listening and body and mind awakening.

The sophrologist guides you during the entire session, so that you can completely relax, live the whole experience and any pleasant feeling that arise during the practice. The sophrologist suggests exercises, such as visualisation, mindfulness and mouvement of the body, in order to let you live yourself differently.

The practice of sophrology may be done either in individual or group sessions. Practicing in a group requires more mouvement of the body, slightly longer and profound sessions in order to attain a global feeling of well-being and mindfulness.

As a result, body and mind will be united profoundly and harmoniously and will consequently enrich your conscience by providing it the capacity to let go, to be present and aware of what is happening within yourself all the time….

The Sophrologie may play a significant role in a variety of cases and is already applied in many places such as schools, companies, hospitals, among others and gives very good results in the following cases :

–  Stress.

–  Sleeping disorders.

–  Self confidence.

–  Controlling one’s own emotions.

–  Chronical somatization (migranes, back pain, eczema, digestion issues).

–  Addictions (smoking, alcool, drugs…).

–  Dealing with pain.

–  Pre and post surgical gudiance.

–  Sexology.

This is a non-comprehensive list but it shows the variety of possibilities that Sophrology offers.

Marion Maunoury

Sophrologist and member of The Green Shelters experts team