The power of stillness


The power of stillness


Most of us have days when everything feels out of our control. We try to squeeze more little tasks in our over scheduled agenda and at one point we just feel submerged by the load. On top of this we are constantly connected and sought after via email and various social medias. Our phones relentlessly buzz and call for action.

We are in constant rush to get somewhere or do something. As soon as what we are after is reached, it no longer bears the importance we gave to it and we are already focused on another task. Moreover, we seem to have a need to be unceasingly and immediately amazed and entertained. This rush for busyness, excitement and novelty, eternal running and need for feeling alive transforms our days to a supersonic experience. No wonder we are exhausted.

In the midst of our busy life emerge depression, illnesses, lack of energy, and a desire to escape. We do not need to reach this extreme point, at which a return to balance would be more burdensome, to create equity in our everyday lives. Instead of looking for radical solutions we can learn to bring awareness and consciousness to every moment. It is then that the miracle happens and we can feel a deep inner peace and harmony whilst navigating through difficult situations and delicate decisions to take.

We often hear that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Working on developing inner stillness will gradually reflect on our outer life. The objective is not to stop the flow of thoughts, a nearly impossible task, but not to get attached to them and let them flow out of our system. This will create a blissful silence in our mind enabling us to hear the whisper of our inner wisdom. Finally, instead of rushing through life we start living it and discovering all the amazing treasures we were blind to.

Cultivating an inner state of awareness will create serenity and clarity. We no longer get absorbed by the events or drifted here or there like a leaf in the wind. Instead we start seeing with clarity what we would like our life to be like and make it become reality. Today; not in a future when it is the right time for it. Today, as every second lived through the power of stillness is a precious gift to us and those surrounding us.

With my heart


Mahasti is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Her work is all about empowering you to transform your life and to discover who you really are. To bring you back to a life of joy, ease, stress and anxiety free, purposeful and full of clarity. Her experiences as an entrepreneur, headhunter, creative talent scout, as well as a MBA from lʼEcole Nationale des Pontes et Chaussées (Paris) enable her to better understand various background. She works in English, French and Italian.