7 principles to boost men’s energy!


7 principles to boost men’s energy!


1. Sleep 

We are often told to sleep at least 7 hours. And this become a very important detail when it comes to sporty men who will need to recover from the physical effort made during training. What happens inside our body during sleep in terms of cells is very important to reduce inflamation.

2. Have the good dose of proteins everyday

Indeed, without a sufficient protein intake, our body cannot work properly, particularly muscles, bones and nerves. Proteins play an important role to fight against virus and bacteria. Attention, it is extremely important to select well your proteins ! You should eliminate red meat, saucissages, etc which are far too acid for the body, and favor organic eggs, good fish, quinoa, walnuts and almonds.

3. Drink juices and smoothies

Many men’s diet is mainly based on fat and sugar, what makes them put on weight and causes fatigue. Drinking juices and smoothies in the morning or at lunch time, will boost your energy, will make your skin look healthier, have better digestion, lose weight and have a higher quality sleep. Besides, they will be a source of micronutriments necessary for your body.

4. Eat good fat

They are one of the best sources of fuel for your body. They are useful for the proper fonctionning of your brain, for muscular growth, for fighting inflammation and also for your heart. Sesame oil, colza, avocado and walnuts will be a great source of good fat for your body. Do not make them warm and eliminate trans fats, fast food and deep fried dishes!

5. Reduce…

Sugar, alcohol, transformed produce, wheat flour and excess of caffeine. All this food increases stress, and make you get a bit of a tummy ! So, avoid them as much as possible.

6. Alternate crossfit and yoga

Sweat and mix body building and cardio! Crossfit is an excellent way of sweating and eliminating toxins of your body! With these exercises, you will lose weight, will tone up your muscles and improve your breathing.

It is essential to allow yourself and your muscles enough time to recover between training sessions. Yoga is a very good way of recovering specially when training is intense and will also bring you balance and make you feel more grounded.

7. Choose the good supplements

Nowadays, food in general is so transformed that most of us lack vitamins and trace elements. Supplements become an excellent ally to overcome these deficiencies, but make sure you choose them well and according to your real needs. Nevertheless, it is important to keep me in mind that these supplements cannot replace a rich and varied diet.

For those exercising at a very intense level, curcumine is essential to reduce inflammation. Spirulina is an excellent vegetal protein that will help you restore your muscles.

Having acerola together with royal jelly is also a great combination that will help you stay in good shape during winter !

Marc Le Quenven – Naturopath