It is important for The Green Shelters to share with you the tips of men and women like you, aiming for a better quality of life and a balanced lifestyle.

Today, I have the pleasure to share with you the healthy living tips of Carole, a swiss woman living in Geneva, Switzerland. She launched her Image Consulting company a few months ago what demands a lot of energy and time but nevertheless she manages to find time for her passions. She practices yoga and Pilates and loves skiing and the sports cars which she practices on circuit or in Rally. What a woman !

I met Carole in Ibiza 2 years ago during our Yoga & detox Ibiza retreat (this beautiful photo was actually taken in the amazing villa where the retreat took place). She spent a whole week retreat with us together with one of her close friends. Carole is one of those people you suddenly feel confortable with because she is very kind, friendly and easy-going. Every time I have the chance to meet special beings like Carole in the retreats, workshops or classes that I organise I realize how lucky I am to do my job which turns out not to be a real job thanks to this special people that I meet and the beautiful experiences that we share together. 

1. Your healthy rituals 

  • After a long night of sleep, I like bewaring a good big glass of water near my bed which I hurry to drink in full in the morning. That wakes me immediately, besides assuring(insuring) me to begin the well hydrated day.
  • I practice yoga and pilates 3 times a week.  

2. Your healthy beauty tips

In order to keep my hands and my feet soft and beautiful, I soak them in olive oil. Cuticles can be removed suddenly more easily, and the skin is ultra soft.

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

I do not like cooking. The only type of food that I like cooking is indian cuisine and I manage very well with the help of my recipe books.

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

A glass of a good wine helps me relax and get ready for the next day. 

5. A few tips

Eat healthy food, allow you some time to do nothing and keep stress at a raisonnable level. This may seem easy to reach, but considering our lifestyle, often we forget to remember ourselves the importance to live a healthy and balanced life.

6. A natural remedy

As soon as I feel that I am not well, I take refuge in my pharmacy where I have all my flasks of essential oils and I made myself a juice. Here is the recipe for 1 person :

In a glass, dilute a drop of royal jelly and 1 drop  of essential oil (HEY) of lemon with a liquid honey tea spoon. Add 20 cl of mineral plain water, mix with a kiwi cut in pieces and two pinches of spiraling powder and add a few slices of ginger.

7. Your guilty pleasure

Salted butter macaroons !