It is important for The Green Shelters to share with you the tips of men and women like you, aiming for a better quality of life. For them, as for you, it is not always easy to make it due to a frantic daily life. Most of those who tell us their habits have joined one of wellbeing escapes, detox & yoga retreats, an urban workshops or a healthy cooking class with the aim of leading a healthier lifestyle.

Today, we have the pleasure to share with you the tips of Natalia, living in Madrid and woking in Law.

After attending several The Green Shelters retreats, Marrakech retreat, April 2017, Mallorca retreat and Marrakech retreat, June 2018 and having a number of lunches together talking about healthy food, travel, yoga and an array of other interesting subjects, we became friends. Natalia has a big heart and she is according to me an example and a source of inspiration in terms of kindness, empathy and respect of others.

1. Your healthy rituals

I practise regularly yoga and pilates and always try to eat healthy and simple food. Sometimes I give myself a small break and indulge myself with some sweet treat or skip the training not to fall into a boring routine, but in my opinion, the key is to cultivate your good health as a long-distance race, instead of doing big punctual efforts.

2. Natural beauty tips

I have never smoked. This is my best tip.

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

Salads ! Of all kinds, mixing new ingredients or the basic lettuce and tomato salad which is a good basic when in lack of ideas. A good dressing with balsamic vinegar turns any salad into a delicious dish. 

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

I cook myself a dinner that I like and watch something that I fancy on TV, even a random one ! the main goal being to unwind and to empty my mind. It is very important to put your brain at zero level when it´s been working at very high speed for the whole day. In order to wrap up the day smoothly, a few minutes of mindfulness meditation help me stop or at least reduce the noise in my head before I go to bed.

5. A natural remedy

Every morning, I put a fez drops of argan oil around my eyes and leave for a few minutes while I have breakfast. Another tip that works very well for me is to put a generous dose of leave in hair conditionner after the beach, swimming pool or gym and I attach my hair; the dumpness and the warmth helps it penetrate and I keep my hair healty and beautiful.

6. A few tips

I collaborate on a regular basis with an animal charity. Helping other makes us stop being the center of our own lives and keeps us at a certain distance of our problems. Moreover, animal never judge you for your appearance, age, sex nor your social status; they only feel your vibrations inmediately. We a lot to learn from animal and consequently taking care of them is a must.

7. Your guilty pleasure

The very feminine chocolate, of course ! Also I must say that a cocktail from time to time gives me a funny feeling of relax that I love. And of course… a The Green Shelters’ retreat ! The combination of massages, healthy food and natural barefoot luxury that Juan manages to offer every single time is unequaled and unique.