Hélène is the CEO of an e-commerce website specialised in children after having worked for the luxury industry and fashion designers. She is passionate about classical dance which she has practiced for 25 years and led her to discover yoga.

She lives in Paris and will soon move to the South of France in Hyères. A lifestyle that finally suits her better, closer to nature and more relaxed where she will be able to concentrate on her family.

1. Your healthy habits

I do not have much time and I stopped dacing after having first baby.

I discovered Vinyasa yoga 16 years ago and I practice it regularly since. Every morning, I do 4 sun salutations. Often my 4-year-old daughter Luna joins me for a sun salutation, she loves imitating me and she does it pretty well.

When I travel, I love finding a beautiful spot and make a few sun salutations in the middle of nature. Once a week, I have a 2 hours yoga class.

I cook everyday for my family using fresh, organic and in season products.

2. Natural beauty tips

Lots of mixtures of essential oils (Damask rose, geranium…) to massage my face and my body. Either I buy ready made combinations such as serum anti-age by Florame or I do some combinations myself using a neutral oil as a base.

Facial yoga that muscle and relax the face which makes laugh my children and my husband a lot.

3. A healthy dish you like to cook

I often prepare a sort of vegetarian stew for dinner, with a base of legumes (various sorts of lentils of different colour), dry vegetables, cereals and I add in season vegetables that I cook very little.

4. How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day ?

Meeting my children after work, we have a laugh and cook altogether.

5. A few tips 

The yoga class with Nico at Rasa rive gauche. I met him 10 years ago and his energy and practice are very inspiring.

6. A natural remedy

I have a mixture of fleurs de Bach that I prepare myself 3 times a day, following my acupuncturist instructions, an obtain amazing and long lasting results.

7. Your guilty pleasure 

Un excellent «saucisson sec», slightly low-fat with a glass of red wine, which is not very detox, but I love it !

Hélène Borderie.